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"At the historical sources of radiobiology"
17-18 December 2012, Lyon, France

The health consequences of accidental, occupational, and medical exposure to ionizing radiation is a matter of concern to clinicians, nuclear workers as well as each individual. While there is a considerable increase of applications involving ionizing radiation and societal debates about the risks linked to radiation exposure, molecular, cellular, and clinical features of radiation response are still misknown. This is particularly the case of radiation low–dose exposure.

The aim of this conference is to present and discuss the latest research results concerning the health effects of exposure of humans and other living organisms to low and very low doses of ionizing radiation. The conference aims to present state-of-the-art scientific research from leading experts in the field and to make the findings accessible to specialists and non-specialists who work with or are otherwise concerned about low dose exposures. Main speakers from academic institutions will present basic scientific results and will be joined by regulators, clinicians and health physicists, whose job it is to interpret the basic science and formulate and implement protection policy for individuals exposed during their work, in their environment or as a result of medical treatments. There is an open call for submitted papers and posters and young scientists and interested non-specialists are especially encouraged to present posters or short talks to the conference.

Accurate knowledge about low level radiation exposures is of major importance for the future of medical imaging and environmental radiation protection. It also contributes to the debate about future world energy options. Two pitfalls must be avoided: fuelling unjustified anxiety on doubtful bases or underestimating the risks associated with exposure to ionizing radiation. Only independent and careful research can lead to answers. Only effective communication about this research to stakeholders can make a practical difference.
I am pleased to welcome you in Lyon, a town where pioneer experiments of radiobiology and radiotherapy have been done by Despeignes, Regaud, or Lacassagne and wish you a very pleasant and constructive congress.

Nicolas FORAY
President of LOWRAD Conferences
Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Low Radiation


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