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Monday 17th December 2012 - Morning

8:30 - 9:30 Welcome (Hotel entrance hall)


9:30 Introduction of the LOWRAD Conference (N. Foray, France, Chairman)

9:30 P. Auzière, President of the World Council of Nuclear Workers (WONUC): The WONUC organization


9:40 Marie Curie Prize Ceremony and Lecture (P. Auzière, WONUC, Chairman)

9:40 N. Foray (France): The contribution of MC Joiner and B Marples (USA) in the phenomenon of hypersensitivity to low-dose

9:50 M.C Joiner and B. Marples (USA): Marie Curie Prize Lecture :


10:40 Break (Hotel entrance hall)


11:00 Low-dose hypersensitivity phenomenon (B. Marples, USA, Chairman)

11:00 D. Slonina (Poland):  The response of primary fibroblasts from cancer patients to low radiation doses

11:20 C. Thomas (France): Impact of dose-rate on the low-dose hyper-radiosensitivity and induced radioresistance (HRS/IRR) response

11:40 A. Heuskin (Belgium): Low dose hypersensitivity and bystander effect in A549 lung adenocarcinoma cells following charged particle irradiation


12:00 Lunch (Restaurant room -  1stlevel)


Monday 17th December 2012 - Afternoon


14:00 European MELODI Project (C. Mothershill, Canada, Chairman)

14:00 D. Averbeck (France): The European MELODI Project

14:30 R. Benotmane (Belgium): Effect of in utero irradiation on cognition

15:00 S. Haghdoost (Sweden): Biomarkers of low dose exposure and individual radiosensitivity


15:20 Molecular investigations on workers (D. Averbeck, France, Chairman)

15:20 D. Bazyka (Ukraine): Risk of thyroid cancer in Ukraine since 25 years of the Chernobyl accident

15:50 Y.O Nosach (Ukraine): Cytogenetic indicators of workers involved in the new confinement building in zone of 4th block of Chernobyl power plant

16:10 I. Korzeneva (Russia) :Molecular-Genetic and Epidemiologic Examination of Personnel Subjected to Occupational Irradiation in the Russian Federal Nuclear Center (Sarov)

16:30 S. Refahi (Iran): Assessment of humoral immunity in workers occupationally exposed to low levels of ionizing radiation

16:50 C.J. Kalman (UK): Duty of Care to Workers Participating in Radiation Studies


17:10 Break (Hotel entrance hall)


17:30 Poster session (Room yy)


18:30 History Conference (B. Laster, Israel, Chairman)

18:30 N. Foray (France): Lyon, at the origin of radiobiology and radiotherapy


19:15 End of session


20:00 Congress Dinner (Restaurant room -  1stlevel)


Tuesday 18th December 2012 - Morning


9:00 Molecular and Cellular aspects of low doses  (D. Slonina, Poland, Chairman)

9:00 C. Mothersill (Canada): The nature of the bystander signal after low dose irradiation

9:30 L. Laetitia Lacoste-Collin(France): Development of an in vitro model for the study of biological effects of irradiation with a linear radiotherapy accelerator: survival fraction in the gradient dose

9:50 MT Martin (France): Low doses of g-radiation induce specific genomic responses in human skin cells.

10:20 B.H. Laster (Israel): Sounding the death knell for the LNT


10:40 Break (Hotel entrance hall)


11:00 Low dose regulations and risk management (T. Colgan, IAEA, and M. Bourguignon, France, co-Chairmen)

11:00 T. Colgan (IAEA) :IAEA Radiation Protection Standards:  International harmonization  in controlling accidental, occupational,  and medical exposure.

11:30  O.M. Tatarenko (Russia): System for evaluation radiation and nonradiation influence on health and workability of the Chornobyl catastrophe victims in the remote period after the disaster: the problems of today

11:50 V.K. Ivanov (Russia): Estimating radiation risks in workers of the State Corporation Rosatom  monitored for radiation exposure

12:10 M. Bourguignon (France) :  individual radiosensitivity and medical exposure (provisional title)


12:40 Lunch (Restaurant room -  1stlevel)



Tuesday 18th December 2012 – Afternoon


14:00 Low-dose effects on animal models (D. Bazyka, Ukraine, Chairman)

14:00 O.O. Burdo (Ukraine): Results of cytogenetic studies of murine rodents of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

14:20 K. Voskanyan (Russia): Radioprotective Action of the 633 nm Laser Light on C57BL/6 mice

14:40 N. Jain (India): Neuroethological investigations in pregnant swiss albino mice continuously exposed to low dose tritiated water

15:00 M.N. Tkachenko: Endothelium-dependent mechanism of vascular regulation regulation and oxidative stress in conditions of permanent stay in Chernobyl alienation zone


15:20 Clinical aspects of low doses (MC Joiner, USA, Chairman)

15:20 S. Ghosh (India): Low doses of g-irradiation cause migration in glioma cells in Connexin-43 dependent manner: implications for cancer therapy

15:40 M. Doss (USA): Low Dose Radiation Adaptive Response to Prevent and Treat Cancer


16:00 Break (Hotel entrance hall)


16:20 Radiotoxicology (M. Martin, France, Chairman)

16:20 J.-M. Bertho (France) : Chronic ingestion of strontium 90: biokinetics, dosimetry and effects on bone physiology

16:40 F. Petitot (France): Correlation between calculated doses received at the subcellular level and distribution of biological effects in rat kidney after uranium internal contamination.

17:00 Y. Guéguen (France) : New data on uranium nephrotoxicity

17:20 C. Le Gallic (France) : Chronic internal 137Cs contamination on early and intermediate stages of atherosclerosis


18:00 Low dose in space (N. Foray, France, chairman)

18:00 M. Tognini (ESA) : The European Spationauts corps and space projects (provisional title)

18:30 C.M. Morad (Brazil): Study effects of cosmic rays and in ionising in air crew members


18:50 Synthesis – Debate (N. Foray, France, chairman)

19:15 End of session

20:00 Farewell Dinner 


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